January 2018


Why did the chicken cross the river? To get a Burnley Beer! We’ve sent a bunch of kegs of our finest Pale Ale across the beloved Yarra to some of our favourite southside bars, including Small Print Pizza Bar, The Orrong Hotel and The Alps. We’re stoked to have a tap at each of these venues, and even more stoked to have an excuse to drink a beer on the other side of the river.


The Orrong Hotel is our ultimate old-school fave; the kind of pub where everyone’s made to feel like a local. The historic 1875 building on High Street Armadale could come straight from a movie set, and they serve pub classics that’ll take you back to the good old days. Delicious. Happiness is sitting at this bar, watching the cricket and drinking a Burnley.


‘It’s the size of your print that counts’ is Small Print Pizza Bar’s motto. Referring to your eco footprint, this bright Windsor joint champions local, ethical and sustainable practices. The Burnley Pale Ale tap is in good company at Small Print, with the bar’s rotating list featuring great independent and craft brews from local breweries. If you head to Small Print, we advise you to arrive hungry. These pizzas are good! They even have a happy hour from 4pm to 6pm daily.


The Alps focuses on real wine, done well. With a selection of over 400 bottles, these guys know their grapes! When beer is not the starring show, it means even more to us to be selected to pour at The Alps. We must be doing something right. One of the sleekest venues in the South, The Alps also does artisanal spirits and light bites 7 days a week.


Now you’re feeling a Burnley outside of The Burnley, head south. The other thing can wait.

Sincerely, Burnley

January 2018



January’s here and the weather’s heating up, which means we’re craving that feeling of a nice crisp, cold beer. Nothing beats it. So we’re particularly excited to announce the release of our Saison, joining the tap list at our Bridge Road Brewpub.

They say the Saison is the beer for Champagne drinkers, and while we love booze in all its forms, we strive to open the world of beer to everyone. We’ve created this Saison in the traditional French farmhouse style to quench your summer thirst. This mildly bittered ale tastes like a hard days’ work outdoors. Smooth mouth-feel belies a rough attitude with clove spice and an ultra dry finish. Pure refreshment on a Burnley summers day.

So what makes a Saison a Saison? Back in the days, French and Belgian farmworkers would brew their own beers in their Farmhouses. They wanted a super sessionable, super refreshing, and super dry beer that was low enough in alcohol so they could have a few over lunch and get back to work (don’t we all?!). These early Saisons were more or less naturally fermented, and due to the varying conditions in all the different farmhouses, the resulting beers were very unique. So while your Saison may have hints of clove spice, your mate’s down the road may exhibit a nice pepper spice. Most Saisons are usually cloudy and low in alcohol with a high attenuation and hints of spice. But if it’s tasty, that’s all that really matters. Cheers!

The Stats:

Malts: Pilsener, Light Wheat, Dark Wheat    Hops: East Kent Golding              Plato: 10oP                             Colour: 5 EBC                       Bitterness: 18 IBU                          ABV: 4.9%

Sincerely, Burnley