August 2018

Father’s Day Roast at the Burnley


It’s nearing time for Australia to celebrate the fathers and father figures in our lives. At Burnley Brewing, we’re doing something extra-special this year to show our appreciation for all the beer-loving dads out there. 

The first exciting offer we’ve got in the table is a FREE beer for all dads who choose to book a table with us on their special day. That’s right – All dads will receive their first beer on the house just for showing up! 

Of course, it would not be right to drink beer without some grub to soak it up. Luckily, our chefs have come up with a weekend special perfectly suited to the occasion.

On Father’s Day and the Saturday prior, you can enjoy a Burnley take on roast chicken, which will come marinated in our house-made Imperial Spiced Brown Ale. Each chook will be available in either a half or full-size serving and will come with an assortment of side dishes, including our buttered green beans, duck fat spuds and a generous helping of gravy. We recommend the half-size to share between two people and the full-size for four or more. 

If that’s not enough food for you, we have plenty of starters and side dishes to accompany your meal. 

Prices for our spiced beer-marinated chicken roast will be set at $24 per head and all other menu dishes will be priced as usual. 

By the way, we will be opening our doors at 11 am on Sunday to accommodate for the anticipated crowd. While you can book online for spots past 12 pm, earlier bookings will need to be made with our staff directly. Get in touch with them here!

And if you’re not able to reserve a spot on Sunday (or if you would just prefer to avoid the Father’s Day traffic), feel free to join us on Saturday instead. As mentioned, our roast chicken platters will be on offer that day as well. 

Whenever you choose to join us, we can’t wait to help make your Father’s Day memorable. Cheers!

Sincerely, Burnley

August 2018

Cheers to Summer (Ale)


It may not even be spring yet in chilly old Melbourne, yet we’re already yearning for summer’s intense warmth. Granted, we’ll surely complain about the heat once it’s actually here, but for now, we’ll keep dreaming of days hot enough to make us sweat through our shirts. 

One way that we’re currently celebrating the coming seasons is by brewing up lots of summer-inspired beers for you all to enjoy. Just last week, we launched a refreshing Summer Ale to get us in the mood. 

But the seasonal qualities of this beer are not all it has to offer. Its other claim to fame is that it’s our lightest beer yet, clocking in at just 3.5%. We aimed to create it as an alternative to all of the much stronger and more intense beers that we have on tap. 

It is very light, very sessionable and very tasty. The ale highlights American hops, which have come into popularity within the craft beer scene over the past few decades. However, the hops are subtle, making this beer is a nice introduction for those who have yet to embrace the botanical. 

If you’re seeking a summer thirst-quencher that won’t put you to sleep after a few pints in a row, this is the brew for you. If you’re looking to keep things on the lighter side, this beer would pair wonderfully with our Chopped Salad (go falafel for vegos or steak for meat eaters). And if you’re after something more substantial, our Southern Fried Chicken Burger would also complement the ale quite nicely. 

Our Summer Ale will only be available until the kegs run out, so be sure to stop by the pub while it’s still available to try it out. 


Malts: Ale Malt, Carapils | Hops: Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic | Plato: 9 | ABV: 3.5% | IBU 13.3 | EBC 4

Sincerely, Burnley

August 2018

Imperial Spiced Brown Ale


Our Coffee Brown Ale was such a hit that we’ve decided to put coffee in our beer yet again! (Shout out to These Days Coffee Roasting for the beans). 

This time, however, we’ve added some other zesty ingredients to the mix for a brew with a kick. This one is an Imperial Spiced Brown Ale, emphasis on the spiced. The spices we used in our new ale are fragrant nutmeg, cinnamon, and even a bit of cayenne pepper for added oomph. Don’t worry, this beer won’t set your taste buds aflame, but it will provide a little back-of-the-throat tingle that we think gives this drink depth. 

Of course, no coffee-infused beer would be complete without the addition of lactose to keep things smooth and creamy. A hint of vanilla bean also sweetens the flavour profile and brings out the spices. 

The Imperial Spiced Brown Ale clocks in at a hefty 7.3%. It’s a strong one, but it’s meant to be sipped and savoured. If you’re a dark beer fan, this deep-hued ale is sure to be a hit. For sweet tooths of the bunch, pair it with our Sticky Date Pudding. It makes for quite the decadent combination. If you prefer savoury fare, our Porterhouse makes a great match. 

Both dishes are available every day of the week at the Burnley, but the beer will be around for a limited time only. Try some while it lasts!

P.S. If you want to sample even more great Burnley beers and see what goes into the brewing process, come join us on Monday evenings for our free brewery tours and tastings. We will be holding personalised tours at selected times throughout the night- No bookings necessary. Stop by and ask one of our friendly bar staff for more information.

Malts: Maris Otter, Crystal Medium, Munich Dark, Rolled Oats, Chocolate Malt | Hops: Challenger, East Kent Goldings | Additives: Lactose, Cacao Nibs, Ethiopian Single Origin Coffee, Cayenne Pepper, Vanilla Beans, Cinnamon, Nutmeg | Plato: 17.6 | ABV: 7.3% | IBU 40 | EBC 45


Sincerely, Burnley