October 2018

For Your Daily Dose of Veg, Cucumber Kolsch is Here


You’ve surely seen a fair few veggie-infused alcoholic drinks in your day (Bloody Marys, martinis, mojitos), but have you ever tried a veg-infused beer? If not, you’re in for a treat. It’s one of the tastiest ways to meet your daily dose of green stuff for the day, and it’s available at Burnley for a limited time!

Our cucumber kölsch is the first of several produce-focused beers we’ll be releasing over the weeks to come. It’s fresh, clean and soft on the palate. You will definitely smell the cucumber before you taste it; while the scent is strong, the taste is slightly fruitier than you may expect. If you’ve had cucumber-infused water like the stuff offered at spas, you’ll have an idea of what’s to come. But unlike the water, this brew has added depth (and alcohol content) thanks to Spalter Select and Hallertauer Tradition hops paired with Pilsner malts to balance their bitterness. 

This ale is a refreshing bevvy for a hot day, and pairs incredibly well with sweet and spicy dishes like our sticky lamb ribs or hot wings. It’s also a perfect match for our chopped salads or anything else with cucumber. This week is gonna be a hot one, so if you find yourself parched, come by the pub – this juicy kölsch is sure to quench your thirst. Cheers!

Malts: Pilsner | Hops: Spalter Select, Hallertauer Tradition | Plato: 10.9 | ABV: 5.4% | IBU: 20 | EBC: 6 | Additives: Cucumber

Sincerely, Burnley

October 2018

Burnley Brewing Halloween Party


Words by: Nick Boylan

As darkness falls across the land, the brewing hour is close at hand… That’s right, come and trick or treat yo’self at Burnley for a night of spooky and frothy delights for Halloween. 

With plenty of candy, complimentary finger food and pumpkin pizza specials to accompany a special drinks list featuring ghoulish Halloween potions, you’ll be howling to the moon. 

Oh and have no fear beer-lovers, we’ll have half-price pints on selected brews from 6-9pm. Hellishly good specials to enjoy just upon the witching hour.

Though dress up is not compulsory, we will be running a best-dressed competition with $300 worth of prizes to be won. The rewards are scary good for your scariest and most creative costumes, so come prepared!

We’ll also have classic horror flicks projected on the walls to
go with a macabre and a haunting playlist to enjoy, so the mood will truly be set for a frightfully fun evening.

Whether to avoid those trick-or-treaters or to indulge in your own eerie evening, we’re happy to host your Halloween shenanigans. Trust us, it’ll be a scream. Cheers!

Sincerely, Burnley

October 2018

Happy World Vegan Day! Our Top Cruelty-Free Eats


Words by: Alec Graves

At Burnley Brewing, there are two things that we regard above all else- Creating tasty, high-quality beer and food, and making sure that our menu is inclusive of all palates and dietary restrictions who would like to enjoy it. That includes the gluten-free eaters, vegetarians and vegans amongst others.

With World Vegan Day fast approaching on 14 October, we’d like to let you know what we have on offer for the earth and animal-loving types among us.

All the classic bar snacks will be out in force, including onion rings, olives, and our delicious chips with tomato relish. We’re also happy to put a vegan twist on several of the staples of our recently revamped menu.

As far as getting full to your heart’s content, you’re not stuck with any bland options. Our stone-fired pizzas and hand-rolled pastas are perfect for those looking to satiate their hunger with something sizeable. It just takes asking one of our friendly staff about alterations or substituting in a vegan cheese.

We also have a “naturally vegan” falafel chopped salad on offer, as well as several veganisable sides and starters including our green beans and even our nachos!

Of course, you’ll need some beverages to go with all that food, so you’ll be glad to hear we have our vegan drinks situation well under control. If you’ve been going without animal products for some time now and enjoy a beer or two, no doubt you’ve heard about isinglass. For those of you who haven’t, isinglass is a type of collagen derived from fish bladders that has been used in the past to filter beers and give them clarity.

At Burnley Brewing, all of our beers are free of isinglass and any other animal products, likewise for the majority of the wines we also have on offer.

What our beers do have in them is a decent dose of B vitamins and a bit of good old-fashioned protein. What a vegan dream! But the true beauty of beer is that it brings people together, regardless of their dietary leanings.

You don’t need to be vegan to appreciate a good beer and a pizza or other snack. So bring a few of your mates along, omnis and vegans alike, and have a crack at figuring out which of our beers pairs best with a plate of nachos.

Sincerely, Burnley