April 2019

Introducing our 2019 GABS Festival beer – Burnley Mountain Botanical Sour with Mountain Distilling

The lovechild of Burnley Brewing’s Michael Stanzel and Mountain Distilling‘s Michael Harris, you could call this beer Michael Squared. Burnley Brewing has teamed up with the Mount Macedon distillery to create this Berliner Weisse infused with the local botanicals Mountain Gin is renowned for; locally sourced pine needles, Mountain Pepperberries, orange zest, lemon myrtle and juniper berries.

When we just started canning our Burnley Beers, Michael Harris had just started bottling his Mountain Gin. The two Michaels shared a drink or five, and in the heat of the moment this Berliner Weisse was conceived.

This banger of a brew is made with water steeped in Mountain Gin’s signature botanicals, which have then been blended with the beer to create a mildly flavoured, elegant take on a Berliner Weisse.

The 355ml cans are of this 3.5% tipple were designed by the talented Miriam McWilliam of Studio Mimi Moon, who makes us look pretty year-round. But you’ll have to wait to get your hands on a 4-pack, this beer is being held under lock and key til this year’s GABS Festival.

Can’t wait to share this one with our mates. Watch this space…

Sincerely, Burnley

April 2019

The morning after the night before: wedding recovery brunches at our brewpub

Functions, bookings and parties of all sizes at Burnley

Have your brunch function in the company of our brew tanks. We’ll provide all the goods necessary to cure those post-wedding hangovers and prolong the celebration for a little bit longer.

We’re talking all the greasy goodness you need to soak up the booze, from egg and bacon rolls to brekkie calzones to pastries and fresh fruit salads.

And let’s not forget the most important part – The hair of the dog. There’s plenty to fit this role, from all of our house-brewed beers, mimosas, or straight-up glasses of bubbles. Paired with locally roasted These Days Coffee, we’ve got the day after sorted!

Not getting married but still want to party?
We’ll come to the opening of an envelope, talk to our functions superstar Sonya about tailoring a package for your event, find her at

Sincerely, Burnley

April 2019

Beer v Beer : Burnley Brewing v. Green Man’s Arms Good Beer Week Brew Off

Burnley Brewing Venue manager Simon weighs up which Styrian Golding hop bowl is best.

Every good love story begins over beer, which is why Green Man’s Arms and Burnley Brewing have decided to put their blossoming love to the test by having a Good Beer Week Brew Off.

Front of house staff from each venue will brew a Saison using the noble hop, Syrian Golding, and the addition of two (not so) secret ingredients. Burnley Brewing’s Burnley Brigade has chosen lemongrass & pear, and Green Man’s Arms’ Green Man’s Army have added yuzu and seaweed.

Both teams have completed their brews under the watchful eye of Burnley owner/brewer Neil, and so far things are looking good, but we need your help.The winner will be determined by whoever has the most votes in the Facebook event online – so if you like our saison, make sure you send the love our way!

Saturday 11th May will be your first opportunity to taste and compare the beers at the opening party at our place. Have a chance to meet the brewers, enjoy a brewery tour, have some snacks and, most importantly, decide which beer is your favourite as we kick Good Beer Week off in style.

Both Green Man’s Arms and Burnley Brewing will be pouring each beer throughout Good Beer Week, with the winning beer being the one with the highest votes at our Facebook event.

Upload a picture or video of yourself enjoying your preferred Brew Off beer, tag the corresponding venue and #beerVbeer for your chance to win a slab of Burnley beer or a Green Man’s Arms voucher!

Celebrate the love between Burnley Brewing and Green Man’s Arms, it’s going to be brewsome!

Sincerely, Burnley