November 2018

A Little Sweet, a Little Tart, and Berry Tasty


We know strawberries have gotten a bad rap over the past couple of months. When eating them comes with a risk of an unwanted tongue piercing, who wouldn’t be a bit turned off? But drinking strawberries, on the other hand, has never been safer (or tastier)! We’re not talking about that fake-pink Big M you secretly still enjoy on occasion, nor strawberry cordials or milkshakes or any other “fruit-flavoured” bevvies. 

We’re talking about a brand-new Burnley beer bursting with fresh, all-natural strawberries in all their glory. Our Tart Strawberry Pale Ale is just as bright in taste as it is in colour. It’s a non-traditional take on our signature Pale Ale, a bit of a flamboyant cousin, if you will. It’s far less hoppy than the pale but just as bold. It makes a great beer for people who like wine or cider or who simply appreciate a fruitier ale. And it’s available now for a limited time only.

If you would like to try this new, tangy brew, pop into the brewery any day from 12pm. We can’t wait to see you!

Malts: Munich Light, Wheat, Ale  | Hops: Mosiac, Cascade  | Plato: 13°P  | Colour: 0 EBC  Bitterness: 45 IBU  | ABV: 5.9%  | Additions: Strawberries


Sincerely, Burnley