April 2018

Harvest Pale released into the wild. It’s like brewing in the dark!

This coming Wednesday, 18th April, our very own Harvest Pale Ale will be released into the wild.

From 6pm onwards we’ll be doing a release special, pints at pot prices and a matched pork ribs food special, because we LOVE hoppy beers paired with rich, fatty foods. Who doesn’t?

The hops cut right through the richness and big hop aromas carry big, flavoursome food perfectly. There’s a party going on in your mouth and guess what? You’re invited! We’ve only got a few kegs of the Harvest Pale and a limited amount of pork ribs so make sure you get down to taste it! 

What’s so special about Burnley’s Harvest Pale Ale we hear you ask? Well…Time for you to be a student at Burnley Brewing’s school of beer. It’s a bit like Hogwarts with hops.

Generally, brewers use dried hops when making beers. But when the hops are ready for picking once a year, brewers can use fresh hops, also known as wet or green hops. These fresh, beautiful hops are picked and used in a brew within 24 hours. 
Our flagship pale ale uses both galaxy and cascade hops, but for this Harvest Pale Ale we’ve single hopped with galaxy only. It will be very cool to be able to taste these two beers side by side as the galaxy hop aromas and flavours will be very prominent. 

As wet hops haven’t been dried like regular hops, something rather interesting is going to happen. Head brewer Michael can’t be exactly sure on the alpha acid or oil content and cannot accurately predict the outcome. It’s like brewing in the dark!


Sincerely, Burnley