July 2019

Brunswick Beer Collective & Burnley Brewing present: The Pie Series – Apple Pie Imperial Stout.

Picture this. A perfectly cooked pie. But not just any pie. This is an apple pie. Like the ones your grandma used to make when winter got you down. And now imagine that pie is a beer.⁣

Have we got your attention?

⁣Introducing the winter slice, an apple pie imperial stout made by us in collaboration with the great people at Brunswick Beer Collective podcast, Instagram & website.
⁣We’ll be launching this beer on tap on July 31st at our place. Kick off is at 6pm until late, with big beers for the price of small beers.

⁣And don’t think we’re stopping at one, because the winter slice is just the first beer in a series we’re calling The Pie Round. It’s four amazing beers inspired by four equally amazing pies; one for each season and all for you.

⁣So come on down and join us to celebrate the launch, share a beer, and reminisce about that winter apple pie.

⁣What: The Winter Slice (Apple Pie Imperial Stout) launch⁣
When: 6pm until 11pm, July 31st, 2019⁣
Where: Burnley Brewing, 648 Bridge Road, Richmond⁣ 3121
Why: Because you won’t regret it.

Sincerely, Burnley