November 2018

Greet the Season with our Summer Ale


The term “summer ale” gets thrown around quite a lot, but what’s it actually mean? Traditionally, these ales are made of both wheat and barley to create a seasonally-inspired mash that’s light yet crisp. This is exactly what you get from our brand-new summer brew. It’s similar to our recently-released session ale, but a bit stronger at 4.1%. That being said, this one’s still pretty smashable as well, and light enough to keep you going on those long summer days. 

We fancy it out front of the Burnley on our tall tables, basking in the sun. Even better if there’s a doggo or two around to entertain us as we sip. If not, a board game from our range or a new issue of Froth is sure to do the trick. Or maybe a crew of friends if you’re the social type! Considering our menu has many sharing-friendly options, it may not be a bad idea to recruit a group so you can sample the maximum amount of food possible. If you want to sample some additional brews as well, we do have six-beer tasting paddles available for $18 (plus one very special paddle on the way! Stay tuned).

But back to the ale at hand… This one is pretty neutral, meaning it pairs well most dishes, from grilled meats to pizzas to salads or perhaps some wings. It’s available now but going quick, so be sure to try it while you can. Cheers!

Malts: Ale, Carapils | Hops: Magnum, Simcoe, Amarillo, Mosiac, Citra | Plato: 10.9 | ABV: 4.1% | IBU: 12 | EBC: 6

Sincerely, Burnley