January 2019

Hop to It & Try Our Brand-New Sour


We love hoppy beers. We love sour beers. So why wouldn’t we combine the two? 

Hopped beers sometimes exhibit sour characteristics but sour beers are rarely very hoppy, instead favouring a mild sweet-tart composition… Til now.

Our hop-forward version of a common sour offers a crisp, bold flavour profile with a refreshing, tangy twist. It’s slightly higher ABV than your standard sour at 5.3% (most fall somewhere around 4). It features four different hops and three malts, creating a perfectly balanced brew that doesn’t shock the taste buds. This easy-to-drink, light-coloured beer begs to be sipped on a hot summer day. Good thing there are plenty of those coming up this week.

It pairs well with tangy cheeses (like gorgonzola, featured in our arancini) as well as seafood (we recommend our barramundi burger). Our sorbet would also beautifully highlight the sourness of the beer. If you’re feeling cheeky, mix a bit into your beer – We won’t judge. 

Malts: Cara Red, Ale, Melanoidin | Hops: Challenger, Centennial, Amarillo, Cascade | Plato: 12ᵒP | Colour: 8 EBC |

Bitterness: 35 IBU | ABV: 5.3%

Sincerely, Burnley