April 2019

Introducing our 2019 GABS Festival beer – Burnley Mountain Botanical Sour with Mountain Distilling

The lovechild of Burnley Brewing’s Michael Stanzel and Mountain Distilling‘s Michael Harris, you could call this beer Michael Squared. Burnley Brewing has teamed up with the Mount Macedon distillery to create this Berliner Weisse infused with the local botanicals Mountain Gin is renowned for; locally sourced pine needles, Mountain Pepperberries, orange zest, lemon myrtle and juniper berries.

When we just started canning our Burnley Beers, Michael Harris had just started bottling his Mountain Gin. The two Michaels shared a drink or five, and in the heat of the moment this Berliner Weisse was conceived.

This banger of a brew is made with water steeped in Mountain Gin’s signature botanicals, which have then been blended with the beer to create a mildly flavoured, elegant take on a Berliner Weisse.

The 355ml cans are of this 3.5% tipple were designed by the talented Miriam McWilliam of Studio Mimi Moon, who makes us look pretty year-round. But you’ll have to wait to get your hands on a 4-pack, this beer is being held under lock and key til this year’s GABS Festival.

Can’t wait to share this one with our mates. Watch this space…

Sincerely, Burnley