September 2018

Burnley Brewing Newcomer’s Guide to Craft Beer


Words by: Nick Boylan

The current Australian beer list and tap line-up can be inviting for some, but overwhelming at times for others. With new beer styles appearing all the time, it’s easy to arrive at a bar and have no idea what to order from their extensive list. To help, we’ve got a basic description of the various beer styles available now at Burnley to make you a little more comfortable and confident ordering the next time you come see us here on Bridge Road.

Pale Ale

Your basic pale ale is going to be very light in colour and flavour. Supremely drinkable and not hop heavy in the slightest, this is definitely a beer to order if you’re only just getting to know your craft brews.


Short for India Pale Ale, the IPA is definitely a beefier and more hop-heavy ale to drink, which reflects in it usually having an ABV of 7.5% and above. You’ll get more citrus and herbal flavours with this beer, yet colour can vary. IPA’s can look golden all the way to a more amber/red hue, which can be attributed to some IPA’s having a malty flavour.


The new kid on the block and a trend that looks like it’s here to stay, the New England IPA, or NEIPA as most call it, is a hazy juice-box of a beer. Don’t fear its cloudy complexion; the NEIPA is an incredibly flavoursome unfiltered IPA that is hop-heavy but balanced out with the citrus/tropical flavours.

Brown/Red Ale

A bit of a gateway to the richer stouts and porters, brown/red ales are usually a step up from an IPA, with that caramel/malt flavour more pronounced. Red’s have more of this flavour, where brown’s can have some coffee-like flavours (like our own Coffee Brown Ale available on tap). They’re also a lot more session-suited with a lower alcohol content than the stouts and porters available. Either one would be an autumn/winter banger of a beer, but nice enough for those cool spring nights too.


Of these two main dark beers, porters are generally lighter to taste and in colour, and feature more chocolate flavours. Stouts, however, are much darker and richer in taste, having a strong roasted coffee flavour. Both are winter essentials, no doubt.


Standing for Extra Special Bitter, the British style isn’t actually bitter as the name suggests, and it’s usually a low-alcohol beer that has similar characteristics to a pale ale. It’s super balanced with hops and a fruity/caramel flavour.

Belgian Dubbel

This beer has a super rich and malty flavour, with some dark fruits peeking through amidst the sweeter caramel flavours. Not too much hop bitterness in this one, but it does have some nice dryness to finish.


Another Belgian style, the golden orange colour of this beer shines and is often described as a “farmhouse ale”. This is due to different spices typically used in the style, setting it apart from your standard ale. Saisons are a really unique style that can be enjoyed all year round.


Kellerbier is a typically unfiltered and unpasteurised lager, with the name translating to “Cellar Beer”. Ranging from Pale to Amber, Kellerbier is a fairly mild style with a slightly smooth mouthfeel and creamy texture, generally softer than your standard lager.


A summer quencher in every sense, the Belgian Witbeir is a white beer that typically has a crisp and tart finish. It works perfectly when coupled with fruit, as exhibited in our own Rasberry Witbier on tap. Very yeasty and quite often having some spices to freshen up the tart flavours, the Witbier is definitely a beer perfect for a hot day.

At Burnley, we have all these beers on tap, plus some! If you really can’t get behind beer, we’ve got an extensive selection of natural wines and craft spirits to quench your thirst. Visit us any day of the week to sample the range.

Sincerely, Burnley

September 2018

People’s Choice: “The Malternative Hoption” for MFWF


This year, attendees of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival were presented an opportunity normally reserved for a select few- To contribute to the creation of a Burnley beer to be brewed on our in-house brewing system.  The special beer was determined by “beerocracy”, with voters picking and choosing what sort of additives and flavour characteristics they wanted to see.

The end result was an India Amber Ale titled “The Malternative Hoption”. It was brewed two weeks ago on our in-house brewing system, and the public was invited to come along and watch the process. After much anticipation, the new beer is finally ready to drink! The beer is quite pale in colour and packs a punch at nearly 7% ABV.

It features an interesting combination of tasting notes, which is to be expected when you have such a large and diverse group deciding on its components. It’s got hints of caramel and toffee with a distinctive maltiness, although all this is dominated by the intense hops present in the beer. Now the name makes sense, doesn’t it?

If you got a chance to vote on this beer at MFWF, you cannot miss the chance to try it yourself before our stock runs out. (Don’t forget that those who participated are eligible to redeem two free pints.) But even if you missed MFWF 2018, we still encourage you to come try a glass or two of our special beer. Who knows, maybe your input will help us to come up with our next beer innovation! 


Malts: Ale Malt, CaraPils, Munich Dark, Crystal Medium, Crystal Dark | Hops: Cascade, Amarillo, Dr. Rudi, Waimea, Simcoe | ABV: 6.9% | IBU 70 | EBC 4

Sincerely, Burnley

August 2018

Father’s Day Roast at the Burnley


It’s nearing time for Australia to celebrate the fathers and father figures in our lives. At Burnley Brewing, we’re doing something extra-special this year to show our appreciation for all the beer-loving dads out there. 

The first exciting offer we’ve got in the table is a FREE beer for all dads who choose to book a table with us on their special day. That’s right – All dads will receive their first beer on the house just for showing up! 

Of course, it would not be right to drink beer without some grub to soak it up. Luckily, our chefs have come up with a weekend special perfectly suited to the occasion.

On Father’s Day and the Saturday prior, you can enjoy a Burnley take on roast chicken, which will come marinated in our house-made Imperial Spiced Brown Ale. Each chook will be available in either a half or full-size serving and will come with an assortment of side dishes, including our buttered green beans, duck fat spuds and a generous helping of gravy. We recommend the half-size to share between two people and the full-size for four or more. 

If that’s not enough food for you, we have plenty of starters and side dishes to accompany your meal. 

Prices for our spiced beer-marinated chicken roast will be set at $24 per head and all other menu dishes will be priced as usual. 

By the way, we will be opening our doors at 11 am on Sunday to accommodate for the anticipated crowd. While you can book online for spots past 12 pm, earlier bookings will need to be made with our staff directly. Get in touch with them here!

And if you’re not able to reserve a spot on Sunday (or if you would just prefer to avoid the Father’s Day traffic), feel free to join us on Saturday instead. As mentioned, our roast chicken platters will be on offer that day as well. 

Whenever you choose to join us, we can’t wait to help make your Father’s Day memorable. Cheers!

Sincerely, Burnley