July 2018

Hello, Single Hop IPA


IPAs (India Pale Ales) are characterised by a high alcohol content and signature bitterness from the hops present in this beer style. It’s widely believed that the original intention of adding the hops was to preserve the beer on it’s long voyage to India by boat. Often times, IPA’s will feature multiple different hops for a complex flavour profile.

In this case, however, our new IPA features one lone type of hop, Azacca. We designed it right in time for Sydney Beer Conference as a way to showcase this variety, which only recently entered the mainstream market. Azacca hops are named after the Haitian god of agriculture, and they sure are heavenly. Our Azacca-infused IPA smells faintly of pineapple and tastes of tropical citrus fruits.

The Brits may think that they can take all the credit for inventing IPAs, but Americans have since taken over with their own variety, which this beer is modeled after. American IPAs are much lighter in colour than British IPAs and feature more prominent herbal and citrus notes. 

Unlike other IPAs, this one isn’t a massively hoppy bitterness bomb. It’s actually quite mild and really sessionable. It stands at 5.9% alcohol content rather than the average 6.5 – 7% that IPAs typically exhibit. While it may still be stronger than your standard ale, it’s reasonable enough that you can have one at lunch and then go back to work without falling asleep at your desk.

This new brew is a great entry-level IPA for those who think they don’t like hops. Its bright and summery attributes are a great way to take your mind off the cold until spring comes again. The single hop IPA is available from now until further notice, so come by any time of the week to give it a try. Cheers!

Malts: Pale Ale, Munich Dark | Hops: Azacca | Plato: 13.6 | ABV: 5.9% | IBU 40 | EBC 8


Sincerely, Burnley

June 2018

Sunday Soul Sessions at Burnley


Anyone who’s into soul music in the slightest has likely heard of Vince Peach, one of Melbourne’s most prolific radio presenters and DJ’s. He’s been presenting on PBS FM for over 30 years and has developed quite the reputation in this time. In fact, his soul show is thought to be one of the longest-running on the globe.

If you’re also a soul music enthusiast, you cannot miss Sunday Soul Sessions, currently happening every week at Burnley Brewing. The sessions feature Vince Peach and his closest musical acquaintances, ready to spin tracks from 3pm well into the evening. 

This Sunday (1/07), our special DJ guests will be Sugar D and Jeremy “The Kid” Robertson. Both DJs have played gigs all around Melbourne including Slow Grind Fever, Boom Boom and Melting Pot. The two recently played at the Canberra Mod/Soul Weekender and will be playing at the Brisbane Mod/Soul Weekender this July. Sugar D plays regularly at The Shady Lady in Fitzroy while Jeremy used to play after Vince at Cherry Bar’s Soul In the Basement night.

Our DJ selection rotates on a weekly basis, but is sure to provide the perfect soundtrack to accompany your Sunday arvo drinking sesh. Our range of beers, wines and spirits can be paired with any of our share plates or hearty mains to finish the weekend out right. This week, try our special Pulled Pork Burrito served with a heaping dollop of house-made guac. Soul tunes and Mexican cuisine both hail from the Americas, so it’s kind of thematic… Right?

For more updates on Soul Sessions and Burnley’s other events and announcements, feel free to keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll see you on Sunday.



Sincerely, Burnley

June 2018

Introducing the ESB (Extra Special Burnley)


Burnley’s beer launch of the week is the ESB, a traditional British brew. Typically the acronym stands for Extra Special Bitter, but in our case we’re calling it Extra Special Burnley. ESBs are an old world beer that pack a lot of punch thanks to their subtle spiciness and toasty, earthy tones. Ironically, our ESB is not too bitter at all, with the Fuggles and East Kent Golding hops balanced by a heavy malt presence.  

Our specialty ESB displays fruity esters and caramel tones. It’s low in carbonation, meaning you can finish a few without the bellyache, and it’s quite complex. The longer you sit and sip, the more intricacies you’re bound to discover.

If you’re looking for a dish to match your Extra Special Burnley with, our chef has designed the perfect partner, bangers and mash. Our take features homemade pork sausages, peas and mash, the kind of comfort food to warm your soul.

Our other beer/food tip would be something cheesy, as ESBs pair especially well with creamy and nutty cheeses. As luck would have it, our newly revamped menu has a lot of suitable options available including the Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli, Eggplant Parmigiano, Zucchini and Gorgonzola Arancini, and of course, any of our house made pizzas. If you’re interested in the latter, come in any Monday for our $20 pizza and pint deal!  Otherwise, we’ll be pouring ESBs from one of our fourteen taps every night of the week. Cheers!


Malts: Maris Otter, Light Crystal, Medium Crystal | Hops: Fuggles, East Kent Golding | Plato: 13.8 | ABV: 5.0% | IBU 20 | EBC 33

Sincerely, Burnley