April 2018

Froth Beer Magazine Launch at Burnley Brewing

Every weekend is exciting here at Burnley Brewing and last Sunday was no exception. 

We were chuffed to host the lovely team at Froth Beer magazine for the April launch of their Sour Edition. It may have been April Fools day but this was no joke. The Froth team were giving out their magazines for free! Well, they’re always free, but this time they were personally and lovingly handing it to the lucky guests. Awesome right?

Food and beer paddles were enjoyed by many, courtesy of head brewer Michael Stanzel. Are we making you a little bit jealous? You should be, it was a beer heaven.

There were some really cool articles in this months edition; Exploring Scandinavian beers, Sour Beer Explainer and our personal favourite, ‘Sh*t My Mum Says About Craft Beer’. This is a laugh-out-loud section courtesy of magazine editor Emily Day’s mother, Silvia. ‘It smells a bit like a citrusy sweet smell, like a well-cleaned bathroom’ was how she referred to one of the sour beers.

Keep up the good work Silvia and Froth, we love you!



Sincerely, Burnley

March 2018

Easter Away vs. Easter at Burnley. There can be only one winner

‘Are we there yet’?

Yep, it’s that time of the year again, Easter long weekend. Fancy a bit of a change of scenery from your average camping trip with friends and family? We at Burnley Brewing have a proposal for you. The best part about it? No commitment or lifelong promises needed. Just say ‘I do’. Actually, ‘I will’ probably works best!

Ok. Here goes nothing… Will you join us this weekend at our brewpub for good times and even better beers? That took a lot of courage. Still not convinced? Let’s see if we can persuade you with what we are coining ‘Burnley’s Easter alternative’. You decide which sounds like more fun.

Camping + Easter weekend = Traffic. That’s maths no one wants. Do you really want to be stuck in the car on the West Gate Bridge shouting at other cars ‘LEARN HOW TO DRIVE!’ You don’t need that kind of stress in your life. Not this weekend. The Burnley alternative? A hassle-free tram ride along Bridge Road, hop off at Burnley and sip on a refreshingly dry Saison. That’s where we’ll be.

Another conundrum of going camping over this Easter weekend is the whole sleeping situation. Squeezing 6 of you into a 3-man tent and waking up at the crack of dawn stiff and smelly just doesn’t cut it with us. The Burnley alternative involves a good nights sleep the night before, rock up fresh at noon and drink some mighty fine Frühschoppen. That’s beer you drink with good company before midday! We recommend our super sessionable, toasty Vienna Lager to get you going.

Burnley Brewing is open over Easter and we’ll be avoiding all these camping disasters by kicking back and enjoying the sunshine with a pint of Pale Ale, or three.

Just in case you’re interested, our opening times this Easter are:

Good Friday: Closed

Saturday: Noon-late

Sunday: Noon-late

Monday: Noon-late, plus $22 pizza and pint deal

We’ll see you there,


Sincerely, Burnley

March 2018

Burnley Brewing takes on Melbourne BeerFest

Hello forward thinkers and Burnley drinkers! Cast your minds back a few weeks ago to March 3rd. We were at St Kilda’s Catani Gardens for Melbourne BeerFest. The forecast? 32 degrees with a high chance of great beers and a jolly good time.

We were super stoked to join a number of other brewery legends such as Bad Shepherd, Brick Lane and Kooinda brewing company at BeerFest. The beer gods were certainly looking down upon us this day; blue skies, golden beers and a heap of happy punters gearing up for beer time.

The Burnley Brewing tent was a hive of activity from the get-go. We gave away some $100 vouchers to some lucky people and even brought our table-tennis table for a few rounds of beat the brewer. A few lucky festivalgoers beat owner/brewer Phil, and were duly rewarded for their efforts with a free beer!

We were also super stoked to see our Vienna Lager listed as the first highlight brew of the day in the official BeerFest programme. Catching up with other industry folk and happy punters made for a day to remember for the Burnley family. We can’t wait to see you all next year.



Burnley Brewing

Sincerely, Burnley