February 2019

Now Launching: Post-Wedding Recovery Brunches


When planning a wedding, everyone thinks that the Buck’s or Hen’s party and reception are the most important events. But at Burnley, we believe that the festivities shouldn’t stop there. It’s only once the vows have been said, rings have been exchanged and attendees have been greeted and thanked that brides and grooms are truly able to let their hair down and enjoy their special day. 

Or the day after, in some cases. 

If you’re not rushing off to a honeymoon the day after you say “I do”, why not spend that day recovering with some beers and brekkie at Burnley? Our brand-new post-wedding recovery brunches are perfect for exactly that. Whether you invite just your family and close friends or your entire wedding guest list, we can provide all the goods necessary to cure those post-wedding hangovers and prolong the celebration for a little bit longer. 

We’re talking all the greasy goodness you need to soak up the booze, from egg and bacon rolls to brekkie calzones to platters of house-baked danishes and croissants. But not to worry, we also offer lighter fare including fresh fruit salads, juice and muesli if you so desire.

And let’s not forget the most important part – The hair of the dog. There’s plenty to fit this role, from all of our house-brewed beers to natural wine and spirits to mimosas or straight-up glasses of bubbles. And These Days coffee, but of course. 

Is that enough to pique your interest? If you’re planning a wedding this year and like the sound of booking a post-party brunch with Burnley, we’ve got two things to say: 1. Congratulations and 2. give us a shout! We would be happy to host you and your crew.

Sincerely, Burnley