February 2019

Welcoming Our New (England) Kid on the Block, NEIPA


Words by: Nick Boylan

We welcome a new hazy addition to our taps with the release of Burnley’s New England IPA (NEIPA).

One of the more recent beer styles, the hazy and murky variant of the IPA has been making waves since 2017; that year’s GABS Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers countdown had seven NEIPAS featured. Only last year, the NEIPA had its own subclass added to the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA), showing that the style is here to stay in the Australian craft beer scene.

So, what makes a NEIPA? From first look, these unfiltered brews are a different looking IPA, much hazier and with a very creamy head. These unique IPAs bring all the hoppy notes one would expect from a standard IPA, but they are much fruitier and juicier than their brethren. While still containing some fantastic hops (our NEIPA showcases the Chinook, Galaxy, Mosaic and Cascade hops), the bitterness takes a backseat to the juice flavours, sitting at a low 28 IBU.

With a beautiful tropical aroma and a bursting taste of mango, our NEIPA is a hoppy, juicy and tropical flavour-bomb of a brew. Certain to be a new favourite on our taps, come down to Burnley to sample our venture into the haze craze.   

Malts: Ale, Rolled Oats, Wheat | Hops: Chinook, Galaxy, Mosaic, Cascade | Plato: 14.3°P | Colour: 8 EBC | Bitterness: 28 IBU | ABV: 6.1% 




Sincerely, Burnley