January 2019

Yes, Sports Beer Is a Thing & Burnley’s on Board


We’ve done quite a few collaboration brews in just over one year of business, but we’ve yet to partner with a community of beer-enthusiasts quite as specific as this one. The group in question is á BLOC, they hail from the Netherlands, and their target market is sports enthusiasts who want to imbibe while maintaining peak athletic performance. 

The solution is not to provide health-conscious beer lovers with watered-down “near bears” (should be called “brings me to tear beers”)…

Instead, á BLOC is dedicated to crafting low-alcohol and low-calorie beers that taste just as amazing as any full-strength craft brew. They are not just a beer brand but a lifestyle brand, proving that a healthy lifestyle and a penchant for craft beer are not mutually exclusive. While á BLOC’s beers are primarily aimed at cyclists, they can be beneficial for all sorts of athletes.

So where does Burnley come into all of this?

Recently, we worked with á BLOC to create an Ultralight IPA fit for sports enthusiasts or anyone else seeking a light yet flavourful beer. It stands at just 1.2%, meaning you can have a couple after a ride and still be fit to drive home. Given our beer’s low energy composition, they won’t blow your diet and can fit comfortably into a weight-conscious nutrition plan.

But that’s not all! They may even be able to improve athletic performance given their ‘secret’ ingredient: pure Alpine minerals. These minerals have been proven to improve the osmotic quality of the beer, replenish minerals lost after a workout, and enhance the beer’s flavour. 

And flavourful it is. We’re of the opinion that á BLOC beers are some of the first low-alcohol varieties that actually taste good, which is why we’re so excited to partner with them. If you would like to taste this refreshing and very sessionable beer for yourself, be sure to keep up with our social channels, as we’ll be announcing the official release and subsequent stockists in the weeks to come. Cheers!


Sincerely, Burnley