About Us

Welcome to Burnley Brewing, where tradition, innovation and community spirit come together. We take pride in crafting exceptional beers that combine the artistry of German brewing with Melbourne's vibrant spirit – encapsulating our motto: 'German Inspired, Melbourne Brewed.' Since our debut in 2017, Burnley has been head-over-heels for lagers, making a name for ourselves with our obsession for quality ingredients and traditional German brewing techniques. This dedication allows Burnley to continually set new standards in the wild world of beer.

But we're more than just beer, we’re an independent business committed to inclusivity, education, sustainability and collaboration. We thrive on actively engaging with our community, championing underrepresented artists, musicians, designers and local producers. Our bright and bold brand identity mirrors the spirit of our team – a collective of remarkable individuals who infuse their distinct personalities into everything we do.