Alcohol Free

Our alcohol-free beers are available in can, enjoy here or take away!


A crisp, clean brew, perfect for those moments when you crave a smooth lager without the alcohol. Generously hopped with our favourite European varieties, this lager is cold-conditioned to perfection, delivering an authentic and refreshing experience. 

A blend of non-alc lager and traditional lemonade, a.k.a. a German shandy. 

A vibrant and citrus-forward brew with tropical notes. Using the same wort as our popular core range pale ale, this version is enhanced with modern hops to deliver all the flavour without the alcohol.

Crafted with 100% barley and no sugar or additives, this smooth and silky stout boasts a delightful light roast character, all without the alcohol. Using only the finest dark malts, we've perfected a brew that's both indulgent and refreshing. 

An alcohol-free Berliner Weisse crafted with 100% real fruit. This delightful brew features a sweet and tart blend of blueberry and raspberry, perfectly kettle soured to create a refreshing and fruity experience.