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Eco Project: Gin Botanical Sour

Eco Project: Gin Botanical Sour

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The third instalment in our Eco Project series, a sour crafted with regenerative organic grain, sustainable hops and locally propagated yeast. For a unique twist, we've infused this brew with over 200kg of spent gin botanicals from renowned Melbourne distilleries (Imbue, That Spirited Lot, Patient Wolf, and Bass & Flinders) for a refreshing brew that is both eco-conscious and full of flavour.

Ingredients: Water, regenerative organic barley/wheat/oats (NSW), regenerative organic hops (NSW), locally propagated yeast (VIC), spent gin botanicals (VIC)

ABV: 4.5%

Single = 375ml x 1 |4-Pack = 375ml x 4 | Slab = 375ml x 16

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