Dark Pack

Dark Pack

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The option of either a mixed 4-pack, or a 16-can mixed pack, featuring simply the roasty-est and toasty-est of what Burnley has to offer. Open those weather apps and light the fire, winter is here!

Each pack contains;

Dry Stout: This bad boi is proof that a stout doesn’t have to be big, this beer is equally enjoyable for a summer session as it is next to the fireplace on a rainy day.

Oatmeal Stout: An approachable stout with roasted malt notes and a smooth, velvety body thanks to oats oats oats!

Coffee Dark Lager: In collaboration with our local mates, Veneziano Coffee Roasters, we've brewed a roasty, crisp lager blended with their natural processed Timor Leste single origin coffee, creating a complex yet ever-refreshing beer.

Nitro Coffee Brown Ale: Smooth, Nitro Coffee Brown Ale. Brewed using a fresh cold brew. The blend is comprised of naturally processed coffees from Ethiopia and Brazil, one fruit-driven and the other creamy AF. To serve: cool can, shake well, vertical pour!